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 Healthcare Injustice Exposed

The major medical industry has morphed over the years and now has become a problem more than a cure, preying on the financial ignorance of the American public. 

The major medical health insurance breeds inflation and a lack of cost control. Increased deductibles, expanded co-insurance, and additional co-pays equals a dastardly plot to hide, confuse and baffle consumer comprehension of actual rate increases.

When the Affordable Care Act a came into play, it offered insurance to people who have current problems and put them in the same category as healthy people. Combining the two groups and putting them into the same pool increased cost for the healthy people dramatically. It's a sinister way of camouflaging cost shifting. 


Proponents of this plan don't want any limits or competition on what they want to charge. Unlimited coverage means no limits to the amount hospitals can charge. With soaring premiums, hidden fees and medical accountability out of control, we are forced to adopt a "Free-Market System" solution.

In 2016, former President Trump came to the rescue by first cutting the penalties for not having insurance and second inspired companies like New Era Life to develop free-market products that would compete with major medical plans.


The vehicle for these free market solutions is called a, "Fixed Indemnity or Defined Benefits" plan. It pays money just like any insurance, the difference is a defined benefit will pay the doctor, hospital or YOU directly for the services you shop for. If you have the money, you have the control. If you have cash in hand, you have a greater chance to negotiate fees which puts the power in the hand of the consumer.

Check out the latest videos in healthcare reform that benefit you directly...

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